Access management

You need to have a My ISED Account and to be signed into the Online Filing Centre to access these tools.

We are committed to providing you with secure services that help you better manage your corporation's filings or your client's corporation's filings. New access management tools, Quick links, are now available on the Online Filing Centre. These tools give you more freedom, more control and a direct line of sight into the corporation's filings, who is currently doing them, and who will be able to file on the corporation's behalf moving forward.


Quick links

The Quick links box at the top right-hand side of the Online Filing Centre is designed to help you quickly access useful tools for a corporation, such as:

  • Manage resubmissions and saved requests: With a new look and feel, this tool makes it easier to manage a corporation's resubmissions and saved requests.
  • Manage shared access and permissions: This dashboard is the place to manage a corporation's members' access and permissions.
  • Manage corporations: This tool allows you to search for a corporation you have the authorization to file for, link it to your My ISED Account with a corporation key and remove it (unlink).
  • Assign a full access manager: This tool allows you to assign the first full access manager role to someone inside or outside of an organization with a corporation key.

Corporation access roles at a glance

Filing collaborator

A filing collaborator is a user who files transactions on behalf of a corporation (also known as a self-filer). A self-filer needs to have the corporation key or needs to be given permission to file by the full access manager.

Full access manager

A full access manager is a user, a director or an authorized agent, such as an officer within the corporation, who is responsible for managing the access and permissions for that corporation.

For registered intermediaries (RIs)

RI access manager

A RI access manager is the primary contact in a registered intermediary organization.

RI collaborator

Any user within a registered intermediary organization can become a RI collaborator. They can request this role from the RI access manager.

Learn more on access management roles.

How to link a My ISED Account to a corporation

corporation key is mandatory to file an annual return and individuals with significant control information for businesses incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA).

Linking a My ISED Account to a corporation allows you to file more easily without using the corporation key every time. Once linked, you will no longer need to enter the corporation key!

For existing corporations

You can be linked to a corporation in 3 ways using the corporation key:

  • Through the "Manage corporations" Quick link
  • Filing a transaction that requires the use of a corporation key
  • Through the "Manage shared access and permissions" Quick link (Note: This is only possible if the corporation has a full access manager. This method does not apply to registered intermediaries.)

For new incorporations

You can be linked to a corporation through one of these 3 services on the Online Filing Centre:

  • Incorporation
  • Continuance import
  • Amalgamation

The linking step is part of these services' process.