Business spotlight: Your Guided Health Journey

Your Guided Health Journey

Integrative health

Location: Whistler, British Columbia

Grant: Grow Your Business Online

Digital Advisor: Alacrity

"Health isn't everything, but without everything else, it's nothing."

Melissa Deally, owner and integrative mind body health practitioner

A blessing in disguise: career change to integrative health

Melissa Deally had a choice to make. She had just lost her job after 24 years of working while also having to help her daughters though concussion-related issues.

She made the difficult decision to go back to school in 2017 so she could start a new career in the health care industry.

Now Melissa runs her own business, Your Guided Health Journey, where she uses the power of integrative health to support her clients' goal of bringing their bodies back into balance, while creating new lifestyle habits to ensure lasting results.

She helps her clients through integrative health lab tests that are mailed directly to customers. They help Melissa create treatment programs and create new lifestyle habits for her clients to ensure lasting results.

Through her website and online support, she helps her clients discover the root cause of their health issue and truly heal, while detoxing physically, mentally and emotionally.

In hindsight, the choice was easy.

The challenge

The power of the Web is front and centre for Melissa. She has used the Your Guided Health Journey website to reach clients not only in Canada but also around the world.

But she wanted to promote and market two new programs, and her financial advisor told her the Grow Your Business Online grant could help.

With support from her e-commerce advisor, Melissa was able to launch the new web pages and promote and offer expanded services to more people.

She is already seeing benefits through increased sales.

Alacrity tip

The reach of a website and digital marketing should never be underestimated. It can reach customers close to you but also ones that are located in other countries.

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